Lamb Of God have certainly settled into a pattern with these last few album releases. Every three years or so we’ll be graced by an album, normally with a singular word title, that we’re told is ‘heavier, faster and better’ than the previous one. The first single will be a straight forward romp through their signature sound that, by now, you’ve made a decision as to whether it interests you or not.

So it’s complete unsurprising that “Ghost Walking“, which you can listen to over at Metalsucks, is exactly that. There’s heavy riffs, grooving drums and Randy Blythe’s signature rasp. There’s even a pretty good solo half way through and a chance to chant along near the end which will pretty much guarantee it’s inclusion into their live set.


And well…

That’s exactly how I like it. There’s never been a bad Lamb Of God album, it’s just that I know the drill by now. The single is decent and if it was any other band that released it I’d be jumping their nuts like nobody’s business but my favourite parts of the album tend to be the one’s that aren’t picked for singles. Tracks like “Beating On Death’s Door” from Sacrament and “Grace” from Wrath defined how good those albums were for me and while Resolution looks to retain their brilliant track record, I can’t lie and say “Ghost Walking” has blown my mind. But it’s definitely a good indicator of another great LoG album.

– DL


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