Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (mastermind and collaborator behind Nine Inch Nails, respectively) are already making their names as lucrative and acclaimed film score composers. Their work on The Social Network really changed the game when it comes to film score and the buzz around the release. Instead of the traditional style of film score that revolves around classical orchestration, their trademark sparse soundscapes and industrial sounds really build up a specific mood and overall tone that complimented The Social Network quite well. Their soundtrack really helped complete that movie, and their score really drove the point home, earning them an Oscar. A lot of people tend to take a film score for granted or fail to even notice it, but as far as I can see, their work so far becomes almost like another subtle and omnipresent character in the film.

It would seem that the same thing could be said for the duo’s work in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The epic 3-hour long (!!) score will see digital release December 9th, with other formats to follow. They’ve released a free 6-track sampler of the score, and it’s just as interesting as their work on The Social Network. I hope this means they’ll get another Oscar nod at least. Maybe they’ll take it two for two! Who knows?

You can sign up for the free sampler at this location, as well as pre-order a copy for yourself in the format that you desire. There’s a deluxe version for $300 that includes SIX VINYL RECORDS. Sweet Jesus, Trent goes all out with these new releases, doesn’t he?!

– JR

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