Fractals, the tech-metal trio from the UK, have announced details of their new EP via this charmingly ambient (well, for 50% of it anyway) video:


You will have noticed the name of Jak Noble cropping up; also known as the mastermind behind Returning We Hear The Larks, Jak has provided vocals for the EP. I’m not sure if this will be an ongoing thing for the band, but it’s certainly piqued my interest.

The new EP, entitled Corridors, will be released as soon as December 12th, with the following tracklist:

01. Corridors
02. Destroy Yourself With Contradictions
03. (Re)Emerge
04. Insomniac
05. Contortions (Remix) (Bonus Track)
Sound pretty damn good to me. If you’re interested in checking out their previous work pre-Corridors, their last album Paradox is available on Bandcamp!

– CG

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