The Rotted

Ad Nauseam


01. Anarchogram Sun
02. Rex Oblivione
03. Surrounded By Skulls
04. Non Serviam
05. Just Add Nauseam
06. Entering The Arena Of The Unwell
07. The House Of Bedlam
08. Apathy In The UK
09. Motorbastards
10. The Hammer Of Witches
11. Put Me Out Of Your Misery

[Candlelight Records]

The Rotted (formerly Gorerotted) area London band, through and through. You could hear it distinctly on their 2008 full-length Get Dead Or Die Trying – stories of drug abuse, fist fights and even tour bus surfing nestled peacefully alongside a style of punk-y death metal that owed as much to Motorhead and Discharge as it did to Cannibal Corpse. Whilst The Sex Pistols shambled through most of their material in the name of ‘punk’, The Rotted shifted effortlessly between d-beats and blastbeats to show that you could retain all the sneering swagger of a punk band while still playing competently. Ad Nauseam is, however, a little different to what we’ve come to expect.

Maybe it’s down to last August’s disturbances, where the seedy underbelly of The Big Smoke showed itself in all it’s bare-faced, pockmarked glory by rioting, burning down small businesses and generally making the rest of us lose faith in humanity. London was the unfortunate scene of a grand display of selfishness that showed how dark a place it can be and Ad Nauseam feels the exact same way. For instance, the humour in from Get Dead… has been scaled back dramatically and replaced by a vibe that is more raw and unsettling than anything else, tracks like “Non Serviam” and “Surrounded By Skulls” take on the fairly heavy topics of serving a God and  life after death – a world away from the same band who wrote the track “It’s Like There’s A Party In My Mouth (And Everybody’s Being Sick)”.

Maturing is hardly a bad thing though. The Rotted still make great tracks; “The House Of Bedlam” is a downtempo jaunt into the deranged world of the mentally insane that would make a great live track and the straight up homage to Motorhead in the form of “Motorbastards” is nothing short of genius, from it’s distinctly catchy and brutal chorus to the “Ace Of Spades“-esque ending. To be fair, there isn’t a track on Ad Nauseam that’s prominently terrible, The Rotted sure stick to a formula throughout the running length (only really deviating for the funeral dirge of “Put Me Out Of Your Misery“) and they proudly wear their influences on their sleeves but it works.

Essentially, Ad Nauseam is the equivalent of the trawling through the best teenage record collection ever. Entombed rub shoulders with Discharge and Electro Hippies to make a record that is as much a step backwards as it is forwards. The Rotted have matured simply by enveloping their favourite influences even more but I can’t help but feel, that in doing so, they lost some of the identity that shone through so clearly on Get Dead…. However, a great record is still a great record despite any of my prejudice and Ad Nauseam is exactly that – well crafted, well thought out and well done.


The Rotted’s Ad Nauseam gets…



– DL

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