With 2012 already showing positive signs of being another solid year for music (new Ihsahn album!), the year just got better. Late yesterday I came across this amazing bit of news regarding two bands that get my ears all a flutter. But rather than boring you with my thoughts on the matter (for the record, I’m as giddy as a school girl for this), I’ll just let the following paragraphs enlighten you all to the wonderful news! Of course, this is solely based on if you enjoy either of these bands. For those that do, read on…


Taken from earsplitcompound.com

Bringing two energetic but diversified contemporary hardcore acts together in one pure and primal slab of wax, NAILS and SKIN LIKE IRON will collaboratively self-release a split 7” EP this January.

San Francisco’s SKIN LIKE IRON have already become a well-known entity in modern hardcore with nearly ten releases on such admirable dissident hardcore labels as Six Feet Under and React Records. The split leads off with two tracks of their melodic, yet abrasive hardcore, boasting an ambitious and emotive energy that many similar contemporary acts lack in severely.

The B-side of this crushing joint venture is owned by NAILS, hailing from Oxnard, California (the same town as the legendary Dr. Know), and undoubtedly one of the most devastating acts within the present expanses of hardcore. As on their Southern Lord debut LP Unsilent Death NAILS get in, kill, and get out, just as fans expect on these two tracks, which are in fact a preview of what is to be expected of their upcoming full-length, now being constructed for release via Southern Lord in the first half of 2012.

This one-time pressing of 1000 copies will be split between a publicly available reserve of 900 copies on black wax and 100 copies on blue, available from the bands only. The artwork was handled by SKIN LIKE IRON’s Alex Capasso who has handled the art duties for previous releases for the band.

Stay tuned for preorder info, an exclusive stream of the release and more in the weeks ahead.

SKIN LIKE IRON & NAILS Split 7” Track Listing:
1. Skin Like Iron “Disappear”
2. Skin Like Iron “The Parade”
3. Nails “Annihilation”
4. Nails “Cry Wolf”

Now unless you live under a rock and haven’t heard either of these bands, then I suggest, nay, I demand you click the link and feast you ears upon some gnarly tunes…

Nails – “Unsilent Death (Full album)”


Skin Like Iron – “Descent Into Light”


– DA

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