With 2011 coming to a close, the release schedule for 2012 is beginning to take form. Wouldn’t you know it, there are already some albums that are showing up on the horizon that I’m eagerly awaiting. My most anticipated record of 2012 right now is French experimental metal band Hypno5e‘s sophomore album Acid Mist Tomorrow, a concept album that is currently slated for a release in February. I’ve told you folks about this album a couple of weeks back, but now we’ve got the album art and tracklist!

The artwork for Acid Mist Tomorrow (above) was done by drummer Thibault Lamy, and it’s pretty interesting. I’ve always enjoyed the textured and distressed grungy look, so I am all about the cover’s aesthetics. Here’s the tracklist:

1. Acid Mist Tomorrow
2. Six Fingers In One Hand She holds the dawn Part I
3. Six Fingers In One Hand She holds the dawn Part II
4. Story Of The Eye
5. Gehenne Part I
6. Gehenne Part II
7. Gehenne Part III
8. Brume Unique Obscurité Part I
9. Brume Unique Obscurité Part II

Hypno5e will begin touring this week when they hit the road across Europe with fellow progressive-minded metallers in Cynic and Chimp Spanner. Exciting! I am totally envious of this tour. You can check out the tour dates right over here! We’ll be sure to update you when more information is available!

– JR

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