I may be a little late in getting this news out, as NoCleanSinging and various other sources have already talked about it, but what’s the harm in having another opinion on it?

If you’ve not heard Semargl, well you’re in for a bit of a treat — or a punch in the mouth depending on what you think of them. I was introduced to them earlier this year by way of their NSFW video for the song “Tak, Kurwa.” They’ve dubbed their sound Satanic Pop Metal — It’s like Behemoth inspired Blackened Death Metal mixed with the catchy groove and  production of Devin Townsend‘s Addicted album. Now I’m sure there is a better way to describe them, but that’s generally what I’m hearing when I listen to this band.

Now apparently the band have finally decided to fully embrace the Satanic Pop Metal Ideology, going so far as to name their fifth album — due out sometime in 2012 on Twilight-Vertrieb — after the genre they’ve created.

Along with the new album and artwork they’ve also announced a live DVD, and a new drummer in the way of former manager Anima. In conjunction with all this they’ve also released a live performance from their upcoming DVD. Join in The Fire is set to appear not only on the live DVD, but their upcoming studio effort as well. Enjoy!


We’ll be sure to keep you updated on Semargl related news as it becomes available.

– EC


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