Actually it was no sleep for me last night, so as you read this I’m most likely ingesting large amounts of caffeine in an attempt to stay awake. My boss is probably looking at me funny and wondering why I keep muttering something about cockroaches.

You see, as predicted when Blotted Science released their second synchronised video (‘Vermicular Asphyxiation‘, which followed the equally creepy ‘Cretaceous Chasm‘) for a track from their recent EP The Animation Of Entomology, this third video involves, well ingesting blattaria. Blattaria is the family to which cockroaches belong. Combine that with the verb ‘ingesting’, and you’ve got enough to put you off your turkey leftovers.


It’s scored to a scene from the fifth and  final story of the movie Creepshow, which is a collection of tales from horror masters George A. Romero and Stephen King, in which a wealthy businessman gets his comeuppance at the hands of roaches.

I wait with fear for the final installment, ‘A Sting Operation’. Tentaclesworth has his money on scorpions. I’m thinking wasps, but I truly hope he’s right. I can handle scorpions. Wasps freak me the fuck out though, evil little bastards…

The Animation Of Entomology is out now on EclecticElectric in the US, and will be released on November 28th in Europe through Basick Records. Yep, them again!

– CG

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