We had the honour of posting Maryland dream-rock group Vestascension‘s last update, and so we’re pleased to update you with a few words from vocalist Mike Semesky, posted this time to the band’s Facebook.

For those out of the loop, Vestascension began the year by promising to give away a new track on the first of every month for FREE. This punishing schedule caught up with them after month seven, and so far we have eight tracks, but with the loss of their drummer and a multitude of other factors getting in the way, they’re understandably a little behind.

“Hey guys and gals, Semesky here. I just wanted to drop in and give you all an update on the hap haps in Vesta camp.

First and foremost, we would like to apologize for falling behind on our release schedule the past few months. We are all extremely disappointed that we’ve had to abandon our initial “1st of the month” release plans. Outside of getting hit in the face with a battle axe, getting bitten by a rabid wolverine, or experiencing 24 hours of severe diarrhea, our having to let the listeners down is probably the worst feeling ever. And Nate can vouch for that. Poor guy got slugged by an overzealous Octavianite at a Battle of Actium reenactment. I told him a million times “Nate, it’s okay if you want to be a spectator. But for the love of all things holy, don’t wear that damn ‘Cleopatra For President’ t-shirt!”

Anyway, the purpose of me writing this update is to inform you briefly of what went wrong, and most importantly, what is to come. So let’s start with the bad. As you know, we lost our drummer back in August. This threw us off a little bit in that we had to regroup and focus energy on finding someone new to fill the spot (more on that later). Next came a flare up in Justin’s OCD, which wound up slowing down the guitar/keyboard/post production work on the upcoming releases. These two curveballs ended up causing enough of a delay to completely throw off our mixing and mastering schedule, of which we had established all the way back in the beginning of the year with our mixing and mastering guys. Unfortunately for us (but fortunate for those two ha!), Vesta is not exclusive to the super talented mixologist, Drew Mazurek and masterman, Brandon Paddock.They are working with tons and tons of other bands simultaneously. So in other words, once Vesta’s production schedule was thrown off, the mixing/mastering schedule was thrown off. And once that was thrown off, there was just no possible way for Drew and Brandon to squeeze us in between all of the other projects they had already committed to. Newsflash: VESTASCENSION GETS ‘EFFED IN THE A’ BY THE RIPPLE EFFECT! Yeah, water really sucks sometimes… Am I right, Amazonians? Heyo! Anyway, we are very fortunate in that we happen to be very good friends with these two glorious sound wizards and they have been extremely supportive of us from the get-go. That said, Drew has been taking every free second he can muster up between sessions/teaching/etc. to mix our stuff. What a guy!

Moving on. So now that we’ve learned that H20 can be a mean s.o.b. and according to Bill Nye, will likely outlive the human race, we’ve decided to take a new approach to our upcoming releases. First and foremost, we will be focusing all of our energy on making these upcoming songs our best yet. All of the vocals, bass, and drums for our 10th release, and all of the vocals and drums for our 11th and 12th releases are already complete. Guitars/keyboards/post pro will be complete as soon as Justin finishes washing his hands. Secondly, since we cannot continue with our “1st of the month” release schedule, we will be announcing release dates for our upcoming songs once they have reached the final stages of production (which basically means we will be releasing our new songs as soon as they’re ready). That way we can keep all of you informed. Sound good? I hope so cuz that’s all we got!

We would also like to announce that we’ve whittled down our drum search and we are certain that one of the dudes in our final pool of drummers will be “the guy”. All of them have proven that they can perform our current body of work flawlessly, so no matter who we choose, the end result will be that we will have an amazing addition to the Vesta family!

Once our drummer is in place and the December track has been released, we will immediately be jumping into a full time rehearsal schedule. And in case you are bad at math, new drummer + last release of the year + full time practice schedule = VESTASCENSION LIVE IN 2012!!! That’s right! Scientists literally just discovered an ancient Mesopotamian clay tablet this morning stating that the sum of those 3 components equals Vesta touring in 2012. Can you believe it!?!? I can’t even look at a calculator anymore!

In conclusion, I’d just like to reiterate that although we have been laying low for the past few months, you need not worry about the future of the band. We haven’t lost any focus. Our writing and drive are stronger than ever and we believe that our best work is ahead of us. We look forward to sharing our new music with you!

Mike, Justin, Josh, Nate, and ?”

So essentially we have further reassurance that the band is fine. They WILL be releasing the remaining four tracks at some point in the future, and best of all, the Vestascension bandwagon WILL be hitting the road next year, which is incredibly fucking exciting.

As always, best wishes guys, and we look forward to welcoming Justin back for his extremely well-received column when time allows! In the meantime, if you ahven’t already then head over to their website to pick up the first eight tracks – at already 40+ minutes, I’ll remind you – for absolutely free!

– CG

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