Periphery‘s self-titled debut record was hands-down my favorite record from last year. Since then, much has happened in the Periphery camp, losing guitarist Alex Bois and bassist Tom Murphy and gaining Haunted Shores‘ Mark Holcomb and currently-temp bass player Adam “Nolly” Getgood of Red Seas Fire, both of whom will be taking part in the production of the upcoming Periphery records, one of which is titled Juggernaut. A lot has happened to me as well in terms of taste, so will Juggernaut end up as a year-end favorite for 2012? I certainly hope so!

The band have put out a couple of quick studio updates. Here’s some neat tidbits of what we know so far:

  • Nolly is tracking bass (below) and co-producing the record with Misha
  • They’re tracking live drums
  • That’s it.

NEAT. I leave you with Nolly making total destroy.


– JR


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