None of us were there due to a combination of no money/distance/work/we suck (and that’s just Dormition), but we have it on reliable authority that the New York stop of the Masto-Dillinger tour (with extra Red Fang!) on Saturday ruled hard. I’m hardly surprised; The Dillinger Escape Plan in particular are an intense live act, and they made their show even more awesome by inviting original vocalist Dimitri Minakakis onto the stage. Everyone familiar with this guy must have nostalgia’d* super hard.

Dimitri, who handled the duties on Dillinger’s album Calculating Infinity and before, and is now the frontman for Argonauts, came on stage half way through penultimate song ‘Sunshine The Werewolf‘, and proceeded to take the reins for closer ‘43% Burnt‘, on which of course he originally sang. His mic was a bit quiet, but I’m sure it sounded a lot better up close, and he seems to still have that banshee thing going on. Eesh!

As Axl of Metalsucks says, Argonauts should tour with Dillinger. Would be pretty cool no?


– CG

*[disclaimer: much like vacation, nostalgia not a verb]


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