Reports of thefts seem to be picking up again (proximity to holidays? Do scum really have hearts of gold, to want to feed their families? /sarcasm). The PRP have reported a few recently, the latest and most high profile being Scottish instrumental rock outfit Mogwai.

The band are currently in Australia, but have received news that their base in Glasgow city centre has been broken into and a shit-load of expensive gear half-inched, which I’m sure is absolutely heartbreaking for them.

The current list of losses (which may get larger when they return and realise what’s gone, sadly), including serial numbers to keep an eye out for, is as follows:

Marshall JCM800 Bass Series Guitar Head – Serial No: 117401P
Orange Thunderverb 200 Guitar Head – Serial No: 017241110
Orange ad200b Bass Head
Fender Acoustic Guitar
Orange OR120 – Serial No: 997
Fender 72 telecaster (Black)
12 Rack Guitar Stand (In Black Case)
Gretsch Country Gentlemen Guitar (Plum)

That last one is apparently worth £5000 (just over $8000), and belongs to frontman Stuart Braithwaite. It makes up about a third of the monetary worth of the stolen goods, but I’m sure the sentimental value is off the charts.

If anyone has any information then be sure to contact the band and the relevant authorities. Make sure to support them if you can. They finish up in Brisbane tonight before heading to Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand for a number of dates.

Meanwhile, Oh,Sleeper guitarist Shane Blay had his Ernie Ball Musicman John Petrucci signature series guitar stolen in Chatanooga, Tennessee:

“Hey guys, Shane had his guitar stolen 3 nights ago at our show in Chattanooga, TN. It’s an Ernie Ball Musicman John Petrucci sig series. Color is Mystic Dream. It’s serial number is G51159. If anyone hears anything please contact us, Shane really could use his guitar back so we can play our songs live. If anyone works at pawn shops or GC around the town, be on lookout for it. Thanks.”

It’s a sucky week to be a musician for sure.

– CG


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