I keed! It's still Evan Sammons, repping Iron Thrones

I feel really old and slow around these parts sometimes. It’s not that I’m much older than the rest of these ruffians; it just takes me a little longer to get up to speed with what the kids are enjoying these days. Last Chance To Reason took a little while to filter through for me than they did for most of the rest of the staff. I really wanted to like them, so I persisted, and now I’m enthralled with their particular modus operandi.

The band’s new video for ‘The Prototype‘ is an interesting one. As a song it’s perhaps not one you might expect to be highlighted; the musicianship is no less compelling than the rest of the album, but it’s a slow burner compared to ‘Coded To Fail‘ or ‘Upload Complete‘, but it’s got a quiet way about it that I like. There’s something infinitely watchable about vocalist Michael Lessard too. Michael; you pretty son.

Anyway, the video’s up at Guitar World, so go have a gander and if you haven’t already, buy their album Level 2; it’s awesome. They’re currently on tour with Obscura and Abysmal Dawn if you have any further doubts!

– CG


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