Those of you who were with of last year will recall us talking about Minneapolis progressive metal band Iron Thrones on a fairly regular basis. They won Metal Insider and Scion’s 2010 No Label Needed contest, thrusting them into the dingy, single-swinging-bulb-in-a-seedy-backroom-esque limelight of the internet’s metal community, and then released the critically acclaimed EP The Wretched Sun, which was the result of the prize process.

Since last summer things have been pretty quiet. A couple of things have changed; Vocalist Adam Clemans has grown out his hair and beard. Bassist Curtis has cut his and moved to guitar (what is this, Vogue?). They did a couple of tours – one with Last Chance To Reason and another with Hero Destroyed – but fear not; they’re still around, still working, and still kicking all kinds of ass.

Most recently they opened for Cynic and 3 in St. Paul, Minneapolis on their nationwide tour. I’ve heard excellent things about this tour, which for the most part has also included Scale The Summit, who our good friend Quigs of The Number Of The Blog said killed it in Toronto.

Anyway, some splendid person recorded the entirety of Iron Thrones’ set (as well as Cynic’s and 3’s) for our viewing pleasure, and it features a couple of songs each from The Wretched Sun and their first record Visons Of Light.





After the jump, live versions of Cynic’s “Carbon-Based Anatomy” and 3’s “My Divided Falling“, and both sets are available on mplsmetal’s YouTube channel. Both bands are still on tour with three more dates on the west coast of the states, before Cynic head to the other side of the pond to hook up with Britain’s Chimp Spanner and France’s Hypno5e, both of which are fucking awesome bands, so not to be missed.

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