Obviously this question might be a little premature, given that we’re still six or so weeks away from 2012, but these things need considering prior to the absolute last fucking minute – unlike ninety percent of my university assignments – or they can go horribly wrong – like when your dad used the ‘pull-out method’ nine months plus whatever your age is ago.

We’ve had some great videos this year, don’t you think? Most recently Down I Go‘s crazy Greek god, Punch and Judy myth-fest for “Poseidon” grabbed my attention. Crazy costumes, 100% super life-like props, and not a warehouse in sight. It was silly, hilarious and everything I look for in three or so minutes of audio-visual entertainment, but there have been some other crackers this year.


On the other end of the spectrum you’ve got TesseracT‘s “Eden“. Lush visuals from maestro Ganesh Rao compliment the ethereal atmosphere of the music. it’s a treat for the eyes for sure, and I’m sure a contender.


Back to the fun-train we’ve got Red Fang‘s “Wires“, which Damien called out in May as unbeatable and I’m sure is unconvinced by anything since – right buddy?


I’m sure we’ve missed some gems though, so tell us your contender for the year and we may drop them all into a ring and let them duke it out for our pleasure.

– CG


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