YES! Heavy Blog’s favorite one-man band Cloudkicker has released his two new albums Let Yourself Be Huge and Loop ahead of anticipated release date, and obviously this is beyond awesome and you need to get in on this. Both Let Yourself Be Huge and Loop emphasize the more mellow side of Cloudkicker, with most of the music taking an acoustic style, melding together Cloudkicker and main man Ben Sharp’s once separate BM Sharp project.

Why release them ahead of schedule? Mr. Sharp gives the details.

In light of certain shipments making their way to my door ahead of schedule, I just don’t see any point in waiting until the 22nd.

Kindly make your way to Bandcamp and listen to “Let Yourself Be Huge” and its companion and/or sidekick “Loop”.

Read on for shipping minutiae:

CDs will be in the mail starting tomorrow afternoon. Both the posters and the new shirts will start going out the Monday after Thanksgiving (11/24), as I will be out of town for the holiday. There will be two new designs available, the second appearing sometime in December. Production of the 10” started just yesterday, and I expect them to be ready to ship in the next two to three weeks.


Head over to Bandcamp right now and get these two albums. You’re sure to enjoy the hell out of them. Give Let Yourself Be Huge a spin below!

– JR


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