I’m a simple man. I think that’s obvious to everyone. I know what I likes and if there’s been any two things that have defined 2011 for me it’d have to be all the great grindcore releases (Rotten Sound, Gridlink, Wormrot, Brutal Truth etc) and Devin Townsend. So what better way to round off the year than with a little from column A and a little from column B?

Bent Sea is the latest project from the dynamic duo of Devin on bass and Dirk Verbeuren (of Scarve and Soilwork amongst others), alongside Aborted vocalist Sven de Caluwe. Whilst it’s probably common knowledge to a lot of you, I wasn’t aware! You can listen to the title track from their new EP Noistalgia here and even peruse their less than stellar website. Although, in 2011 how many bands out there still have a website!?

I likes it; completely inoffensive grind that brings to mind a really well produced Napalm Death. Obviously, you wouldn’t be able to tell it was Devin without being told but both de Caluwe and Verbeuren pull off great performances that are reminiscent of their respective projects. And at only $5.50 for 11 tracks from their webstore, it’s hard to complain. Just add Noistalgia to the list of great grind records in 2011.

– DL

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