From the depths of nowhere, the underground masterpiece that is the progressive death metal band Timeghoul have announced they’re putting out a new album, and much more recently have this gorgeous artwork to show.

To much dismay this is a remaster and not a release of new material, but this will contain remastered versions of the Tumultuous Travelings and Panaramic Twilight demos, which are absolutely brilliant releases and easily some of my favorite metal ever. The amazing thing about this is not only that we will not only hear these songs in higher quality, but this will make access to them that much easier and finally people can get their grubby little hands on some classics only ever put out on some super limited tape release.

The remasters will be released on CD by Dark Descent Records, and on vinyl by The Crypt. There is currently no set date for the remaster compilation.

If you’re interested in what makes Timeghoul special, then take a seat on my lap and lend me a spell, I’ve got a story to weave:

Timeghoul formed in 1991 when death metal was still a babby boy. On their first release – Tumultuous Travellings in 1992 – they composed a twisting and crushing soniscape to accompany their forward thinking, original, Lovecraftian fantasy lyrics. Their work feels well though out, instead of just a collection of riffs. Each song has a place and a mood; a sense of worth. These tracks are too weird to be just jammed out.

With the release of Panaramic Twilight they saw an even more progressive change. Things got weirder, larger, more out there. The lyrics played an even bigger part for this release. As far as musical changes, clean vocals, chanting, clean sections, and more Demilich-esque screwed and twisted riffing took over. This release, while ultimately smaller in length felt massive and grand.

Definitely worth checking out when this hits the streets.

– MW

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