Our good pal Tre Watson (far left in the above photo) is always involved in pumping out solid tunes on a regular basis in some form or another, but this time’s different. He’s the vocalist for Kerberos, whose sound and tagging on Bandcamp lead me to believe this project will become some sort of Blackened Symphonic Deathcore hybrid (or in that ballpark somewhere). I’m still shocked how brutal Tre can be behind the mic. He really is a jack of all trades! Though, he insists he isn’t the frontman as much as he is the throat. Kerberos is the brainchild of guitarist Nick Budosh (above, center). Judging by the sound of things, he does good work!

Their first track “Last Stand Of The Vessel” is now available for free download at Bandcamp. Give it a listen below!

– JR

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