Matt DeVries (far left) and Rob Arnold (second from right)

Bit of sad (probably) news for Chimaira fans broke this morning, in the shape of an announcement that guitarists Rob Arnold and Matt DeVries will be leaving the band at the end of the year. A statement from the band read:

“Early in July we were informed that Rob Arnold and Matt DeVries would be leaving Chimaira at the end of 2011. Of course this was a huge blow, but there were no hard feelings. We understand that life invades art, everything runs its course, and we have to take different paths.

We respect their decision and wish them only the best. We made heavy metal history together and that is all that matters at the end of the day.

Chimaira Christmas 12 will be their last show, and we’ve been preparing to make it one that you’ll never forget.”

Chimaira Christmas 12 is, as you’ve probably deduced, Chimaira’s annual Christmas show, being held this year in Cleveland, Ohio on December 30th, which will this year also feature SkeletonwitchSalt The Wound and Rogue.

The band continued by saying that they won’t yet be announcing replacements:

“Rather than try and make light of unpleasant news, or downplay this by hyping up a new line-up, let’s take a few to honor Rob and Matt.

My favorite solo of Rob’s is on The Heart Of It All and my favorite riff of Matt’s is The Dehumanizing Process. I’ll be cranking those today. What about you?

See you in Detroit”

So they’ll definitely be carrying on, which is certainly something. In honouring the closing statement, here’s “The Heart Of It All” from their 2009 album Infection. Enjoy!


– CG

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