01. Section 8
02. Strength Beyond Strength (Pantera Cover)
03. Breeding Violence (Big Chocolate Remix)
04. This is Exile (Ben Weinman Remix)
05. End of Flesh (Acoustic Version)

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Much like their western contemporaries in Job For A Cowboy, Knoxville sextet Whitechapel seem to be stepping a bit away from the tropes of deathcore and are making an effort at approaching the realm of death metal. We’ve seen it on 2010’s A New Era Of Corruption with increased quality of songwriting, and Recorrupted continues with the band’s signs of improvement and artistic growth.

Recorrupted is a short EP that features one new track, a cover, two remixes, and an acoustic interpretation. While to non-fans it seems like nothing but some unneeded fluff, well…that’s pretty much what it is; however as far as fluff goes Recorrupted is pretty good. One might think that Whitechapel of all bands wouldn’t be able to successfully make the jump to acoustic instruments, but their re-working of “End of Flesh” is a fantastic and haunting arrangement.

I typically avoid remixes like the plague, but Recorrupted features remixes by big names Big Chocolate and Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan. The remixes manage to stay interesting enough and indulge the listener as much as the two new tracks – especially Big Chocolate’s dubstep-infused addition. Ben Weinman has been hit and miss for me in terms of quality of his remixes, but his take on “This is Exile” is eerie and ambient, bringing something new to the table. Like most metal remix tracks though, the wide majority of the audience will only listen to them one or two times before never visiting them again.

Then there’s the matter of “Strength Beyond Strength” is a Pantera cover, which is a very fitting band for Whitechapel to sink their teeth into. They certainly make the track their own, as I originally didn’t notice that it was the same song (embarrassingly enough). I was never a Pantera fan, and that reflects in this track, which doesn’t stand out as much as its predecessor in “Section 8.”

The main attraction to Recorrupted no doubt lies with the new track, “Section 8.” “Section 8” is definitely the best Whitechapel track I have ever heard, as there are attachable moments going on in the music rather than a barrage of low end. The three guitarists can be heard riffing and performing their layers with faster melodic licks and solos going on in the background, albeit unfortunately slightly buried in the mix. There’s also an unneeded breakdown tacked on at the end, which doesn’t make much sense as the perfect logical closing point was made just moments prior. 

I find myself warming up to Whitechapel with every release, and Recorrupted is no different. I’d imagine that as the band grows in the fashion we’ve seen on this and A New Era Of Corruption, their next record could be their best work yet. Recorrupted may not seem like much to the non-fan, but it can be seen as a sign of good things to come.

Whitechapel – Recorrupted gets…


– JR

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