Last month we were treated to Monuments‘ video for “Memoirs, one of the awesome demo tracks from the much-loved We Are The Foundation, and also promised a brand new one if we helped them reach 15,000 ‘likes’. Well, that hasn’t quite happened, but I guess they must have got too excited waiting, and decided to release it a couple of hundred early.

What first hit me is that it shows just how complicated their stuff is. We’ve only really heard three tracks properly (live versions of new stuff aside), and it’s all too easy to get lost in the pure groove of the music; but with the up-close camera footage of all four current members shows just how complicated the fingering, strumming patterns and beats are. In fact, this will surely be a massive boon to those who have been trying to learn “The Uncollective” without the help of John Browne himself, who along with fellow guitarist Olly Steele will be giving lessons via the incredibly exciting Bandhappy project, and as an added bonus, drummer Mike Malyan has just been confirmed as a drum tutor for the project.

Back to the video, I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling a bit odd about the lack of vocals, but I’m sure that’s mostly down to familiarity; I’ve listened to the demos so many god damn times that the vocals are just ingrained. I know the guys are still looking though, and I’d rather wait that bit longer to get the perfect fit than rush through someone cookie-cutter and bland.

The album will be ready when it’s ready basically, but you can bet we’ll be all over that shit when it is.

– CG


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