Come hell or high water, it has been confirmed that one way or another there WILL be a new Gojira record at some point soon – hopefully within the next twelve months. As confirmed by photos on their Facebook page, the French metal legends are currently in New York tracking material for a new album, and thanks to some on-the-ball social networking, Vince over at Metalsucks has unearthed that a) they are at Spin Studios in Long Island, and b) that they are working with producer Josh Wilbur, and it is to be a release for Roadrunner Records. No official word on that yet, but a since pulled Facebook post from the studio all but does that for them.

We’ve been teased for absolutely fucking ages regarding the Sea Shepherd EP, but the release of this is being ever delayed but one thing or another (I believe hard drive failure is the most recent culprit – remember to back up your files kids!) so I reckon this is our best bet for new Gojira in 2012. In the meantime, you can follow their efforts in this Facebook photo gallery.

This all follows the exciting news that Joe and Mario Duplantier will be offering their services up for music lessons via the increasingly pant-wettingly exciting Bandhappy. Comments

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