MORNIN’ FOLKS! Here’s a list of some new releases coming out this week.

A Plea For Purging – The Life And Death Of A Plea For Purging (Facedown)
Animals As Leaders – Weightless (Prosthetic)
As I Lay Dying – Decas (Metal Blade)
Down I Go – Gods (shelsmusic)
Ghoul – Transmission Zero (Tankcrimes)
Heartless – Hell Is Other People (Southern Lord)
Leviathan – True Traitor True Whore (Profound Lore)
Like Moths To Flames – When We Don’t Exist (Rise)
Martyr – Circle Of 8 (Metal Blade)
Mureau – Rumors And Reputations (Mediaskare)
Night In Gales – Five Scars (Lifeforce)
Whitechapel – Recorrupted (Metal Blade)

Sometime I try to make announcements and say more, but really I have nothing. Take care, everyone! Be more interesting than us!

– JR


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