Teased with a production video a few weeks ago, Circles have now released the official video for the track “Eye Embedded” from their debut mini-album The Compass on Metal Hammer.

Metal Hammer – Circles – Eye Embedded on MUZU.TV

The Compass has been one of my favourite releases this year for definite. Hailing from Australia, Circles combine prog-metal sensibilities with the majestic voice of Perry Karkridas. Drummer Dave Hunter directed the effort, and had this to say:

“Shooting our first offical video was something we’ve always looked forward to doing. We handled all the post production and VFX in house and knew how we were going to tackle the animated shots from the beginning. We wanted to keep the theme consistent throughout the video and have that visual link with the cover art of The Compass. The most time consuming part was reviewing hours of footage to get the takes we wanted. When a song goes for roughly 4 minutes and you have this much footage, you can imagine what it’s like to sift through it all. Overall it was a great experience. So far, the response has been quite overwhelming and hopefully we can push it further with this video.” 

The single for “Eye Embedded” will be released on November 14th through Basick Records, and includes a couple of demos and an instrumental for “The Design“. Keep an eye out!

– CG


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