Well this news has come from out of nowhere! The instrumental wizard Ben Sharp, who is better known as Cloudkicker, is set to release not one, but two albums on November 22nd! His 2010 album, Beacons, not only blew my mind but quickly became one of my absolute favorite instrumental albums. And I’m not the only one who sings its praises, as our very own Disinformasiya gave Beacons a glowing review. So seeing this announcement on the Cloudkicker facebook page has indeed placed a big grin upon my face.

Taken from Facebook:

IT’S NEW ALBUM TIME! November 22 is gonna be one hell of a day for Cloudkicker fans. Let Yourself Be Huge is the new Cloudkicker album that’s coming out on November 22nd, accompanied by ANOTHER album called Loop, which I guess contains, ahem, some sort of loops? Who knows, we’ll wait and see. So yeah, I’m too excited.

Let Yourself Be Huge | 8 Tracks | Digital Download / Compact Disc / 10” Vinyl

Let Yourself Be Huge

Loop | 16 Tracks | Digital Download


Feel free to follow Cloudkicker on both his Facebook and/or Tumblr for the latest news and information regarding his upcoming albums.

– DA


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