Despite my sort of flippant headline, the last 24 hours has been nuts, and not in a good way. First we got word of the tragic passing of GWAR guitarist Corey Smoot. The fates aren’t smiling on us right now apparently, as it doesn’t end there.


Polish death metal band Decapitated survived an emergency plane crash on their way back from their US headlining tour. Decapitated are no strangers to disaster, as a van crash in 2007 killed drummer Vitek and put vocalist Covan into a coma. Obviously, everyone is relieved to find out that everyone that was on the plane made it out just fine. I’d imagine the band are a bit shaken up, as they’ve cancelled two upcoming festival appearances.

Then today, Stray From The Path were in a traffic accident and flipped their van. From Sumerian Records’ facebook:

Stray From The Path have reportedly flipped their van in Wyoming while on tour with The Acacia Strain and Terror. The band is fine however their van, trailer and gear all look to be completely destroyed. We will give you more news and updates as soon as we hear. Please keep the band in your thoughts. Stay tuned for more information regarding the accident.

Ouch, that’s a massive hit to a small touring band like SFTP, who will have a hard time recouping the costs for transportation and gear. Hopefully they can get back on their feet and we’re all relieved they’re fine as well.

Hopefully this string of bad luck turns around. There are plenty of tours left in these final months of the year. Everyone out there, stay safe!

– JR

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