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Since we first heard it, it hasn’t left our ears much since. Uneven Structure‘s much anticipated debut album Februus is making waves that will no doubt propel them to the forefront of progressive metal. We spoke with uneven axeman Auré “worC” Pereira for an interview regarding Februus, his kickass hair, and other such oddities.

First off, introduce yourself! Who are you, what do you do, and why should people care?

Hey my name’s Auré, I play guitar in Uneven Structure and people should care because I have strange hair.

So your debut album Februus is finally here and the feedback has been phenomenal. How’s it feel?

After all these years of hard work, it feels a bit weird actually to know that Februus is finally out and that we don’t have any control on it anymore. To be honest we weren’t expecting such a huge amount of feedback. People seem to enjoy it a lot, the reviews have all been very positive and as far as I know pre-sales are good so yeah, we can say we are really happy with how things look at the moment.

What does the writing process look like for you guys? Is there a specific player who focuses on atmosphere and another on the riffs, or is it more of a collective process?

I’d say it’s a bit of both actually. Igor [Omodei, guitar] and I knew that we had specific jobs to do during the writing (rhythmic stuff as opposed to the ambiances) but at the same time we worked on each other’s stuff, like laying “placeholder” ambiances for a given part or just writing rhythmic material together. The limit has always been kinda blurry and we’ve never really had one method, it’s more like a “spur of the moment” thing. I remember that at first we used to spend time at Igor’s place one or two years ago writing stuff but we quickly realized that it wasn’t the most productive thing we could do (if you give a listen to Igor’s soundcloud you’ll understand what I mean) so we decided to work at home, separately. This is what works best for us.


Since Februus is a concept album, what is the story exactly? How does everything tie together with the imagery in the video for Awaken?

To put it in a nutshell, Februus is about the travel of an entity from nothing into something until it reaches the state of plenitude. The video for “Awaken” is a possible depiction of this concept, like a potential starting point but we’d like to give as much room as possible for people to come up with their own interpretation of things so I won’t explain it further.

You’ve been doing a bit of touring lately. You had a trek across the UK on Lowering the Tone with Tesseract and Chimp Spanner a few months back that was apparently pretty trying for you guys. What happened?

Chimp Spanner harassed us with bananas and TesseracT forced us to wear red berets and garlic necklaces, that’s what really happened to us. We are now scarred for life.

What are your touring plans looking like into the next year? Any plans on coming over to the US?

So far, tour-wise we have that European tour with Protest the Hero, Long Distance Calling and Blood Command in February/March. We also have a few more gigs early next year in Russia and Switzerland. I’d like to have our tour-schedule as full as possible, and we’d definitely be up for touring the US but we haven’t had any opportunity yet. Le sad.

I’d imagine making music doesn’t pay the bills. What kind of jobs do you have to make ends meet and help support yourself and the band?

You guessed right, for the moment it doesn’t pay the bills. Igor and I still live at our respective parent’s place so this question doesn’t apply to us but the rest of the band has jobs. Jérôme [Colombelli, guitar]  is working in the medical field, Benoît [Friedrich, bass] works in an engineering consulting firm and Matthieu [Romarin] has his own studio. We earn barely enough to cover the bands expenses but well, at least they’re covered.

You mentioned that you have strange hair, but I think you’re hair is awesome! Dreads used to be big in the 90s metal scene, but not so much recently. Do you think dreads can make a comeback?! Also, what inspired you to grow out those glorious locks?

Thanks man! I never thought about a possible comeback and I don’t really know what to tell you actually. Dreadlocks are so much more than just a simple trend, people shouldn’t wear them just because they saw some random guy playing in a band who had cool-looking hair. Sure it can be a fashion preference, but I think it’s a bit sad to just stop here and not try to get to know more, because I can tell you there is a lot to learn. In my case, before taking the plunge I gathered as much information as I could about them, learnt their history and discovered the Maori and Masai ethnicities among many other things. I won’t get too much into the details but I was fascinated by the life of Haile Selassie I for example. The subject is just so broad I could go on forever, haha, I think it’s really interesting and I guess this is what convinced me more than just the “trendy” side of it. But to go back to your question, a possible comeback? If people take the time to discover what’s hidden behind dreadlocks and can relate to whatever they find, then why not?

‎Who in the band is the least DIY-friendly, and therefore most likely to build a wonky ‘uneven structure’ — like a wibbly shelf or something?

Igor, without any doubt haha! This guy has absolutely no idea how to use his hands other than to make music. He’s always dropping everything, tripping over absurd stuff, spilling shit all over the place… This guy is really clumsy but I think he just has a case of bad luck.

Igor is like the stereotypical name for a hunchbacked sidekick or a lanky henchman. If you were to be anyone’s sidekick or henchman, who would it be?

You mean this guy?

Sorry Igor, you know I love you haha.

If you were to come out with your own line of special edition Februus Febreze scents, what would they smell like?

Burps and farts. We are gas factories on our own, you wouldn’t believe it.

Who would win in a Thall-off, Vildhjarta or Uneven Structure?


We’ve run out of questions, so just imagine a question you’ve always wanted to be asked and answer it without giving us proper context.

Actually there was a guy who wanted to buy beer at the local supermarket, but beer didn’t exist anymore and it was replaced by cat piss. So he fell in love with a rock who threw bananas at people as soon as he started drinking. But the punk penguins didn’t come over and it made the radiator feel lonely. Fortunately there was a tape roll dancing because dubstep is cool. Pretty sad story if you ask me.

That’ll be all, good sir. Thank you for your time!

Thanks for allowing me to put random stuff in your interview!


 Uneven Structure’s breathtaking new album Februus is out now on Basick Records. You can check out our review here, and be sure to keep up with them on Facebook!

– JR


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