Writing about Decapitated‘s scary plane crash earlier – which the terror of being trapped in a metal tube with wings aside, I’m sure was a terrifying revisit to their car accident four years previously – I was prompted to consider if I’d ever been anywhere close to that (let alone twice).

I surmised that I hadn’t – my closest brush with automotive tragedy was some stupid woman pulling out of a parking space into my oncoming Clio and denting the door – and beyond that the closest I’ve been hospitalised was breaking my nose at the age of four (and even then I didn’t go to the hospital) or going in for routine surgery to implant adamantium into my face; pretty metal (true story! mostly…), but not exactly life-threatening.

My fears are sparse but fairly routine, and beyond a swarm of wasps mistaking me for a pinboard I’m pretty sure if I stay away from mysterious jungle islands and deep space, I’ll probably be fine.

So yeah, my life’s boring, but what about you guys? Real or dreamed, every day or supernatural (bearing in mind we made absolutely no mention of Halloween on Monday, consider this our typically late token gesture), what moment or event scared the ba out of Jesus and left a brown stain in yer undies?

– CG


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