The Advaita Concept

After last years release of their awesome debut EP Ontology, it was only a matter of time for news of their follow up to be announced. I gotta tell you, I was pleasantly surprised with Ontology, so I’m very much looking forward to seeing what these guys dish out on their new EP! Time will tell, but luckily it won’t be that long of a wait.

Hot off the presses (taken from their Facebook):

Orlando, Florida’s rising stars The Advaita Concept are pleased to announce that an upcoming EP is on the way very soon. The Advaita Concept have recruited acclaimed producer and Unearth guitarist Ken Susi to take the reigns. When asked what drew him to the band, Susi said “I get a lot of demos from bands who want to work with me. I listen to all of them, but as soon as I heard The Advaita Concept, I knew I HAD to be a part of the project. Their music is right up my alley, and I will put my utmost creativity and ability into their upcoming record. Expect big things from The Advaita Concept.”

Lead vocalist Steve McCorry had the following to say about working with Ken: “We are truly honored to be working with a producer of Kens caliber. His production has always spoken for itself and the band as a whole feels we are in the best of hands. No matter what, we are confident he will get the best takes out of us, and facilitate an atmosphere of creativity and fun.”

The Advaita Concepts Manager Ben Lionetti (Emmure’s founder and former guitarist) Had this to add, “This upcoming release is a real exciting time in this camp, I have been working with the band for quite some time now helping develop and give some guiding light to these guys, and it has been one hell of a journey to say the least. When I first heard these guys I knew there was something special, and I am just so stoked to pair them with a producer like Ken Susi. Ken and I worked together on The Contortionist debut CD for Goodfight Entertainment. So when it came time with these guys, it was a no brainer, I knew they had to work together. I am super excited for this band to reach the ears of everyone, they are really something unique and a breath of fresh air.”

The Advaita Concept’s EP entitled The Ratio EP is due out before year’s end and they will be on east coast and mid west tours yet to be announced in support of their release. You can listen to The Advaita Concept and keep up to date on all TAC news and information on their Facebook

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