Some of you may have come across the Got-Djent survey a few months ago and taken part. With the scene growing exponentially over the past year, they rightly figured it was about time there was some serious academic discussion on the matter.

Fear not; they hadn’t used the result to feed their hungry binary overlords: they’ve been crunching some serious numbers from 605 of you, analysing the data, and baking colourful pie charts in their mighty ovens of djoont – and you can see the results here.

As well as providing some interesting statistics about followers of the movement (it’s a massive American-European sausagefest – big surprise). Also unsurprisingly, opinion was divided over such questions as what djent is,what bands are considered to play it, and its merit as a…well, whatever you might classify it as.

You can also find a detailed analysis here, which includes comments from Basick Records firebrand Lisa Coverdale, Euroblast co-founder John Giulio Sprich, Steve Joh (Century Media A&R) and Got-Djent’s own Sander Dieleman. There are also the survey answers from several musicians who may be considered integral to djent, including Monuments‘ John Browne, Uneven Structure‘s Igor Omodei, Daniel Bergström of Vildhjarta and Bart Hennephof of Textures.

It’s an interesting read, and although it doesn’t really clear anything up, I enjoyed the process and seeing peoples’ opinions. Huge respect to the guys at GD for undertaking this task.

In the end, for me djent is just a word. Argue about what it should mean, or what it originally meant all you like, but words are only as good as what they mean to people, and if they serve their purpose of describing something and allowing for common meaning then I have no problem with whatever that may be – at the moment it just seems like it could do with clearing up. Not sure I see that happening soon, but we’ll just see won’t we?

– CG

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