Not content with releasing the excellent Internal Monolgues with Ordinance back in July, master drummer Alex Rudinger (also of Threat Signal) recently learned Soilwork‘s song “Stabbing The Drama” for a special occasion:

“A few months back Threat Signal had some gigs in Ontario, Canada. Bjorn Strid [Soilwork’s vocalist] happened to be in the area and we decided that it would be cool to do a live cover of this song and have Bjorn perform with us. The show was a lot of fun and performing with a member of Soilwork was kind of a dream come true for me – I’ve been a huge fan since I was a kid.”

Not content with leaving it at that, Rudinger conscripted Ordinance bandmates Mike Semeksy and Greg Macklin to record the following video for it, laying down vocals and guitars/keys respectively. Czech it:


If you’re in Baltimore, Maryland on December 7th, make sure to catch Ordinance when they support Obscura with Abysmal Dawn and Enfold Darkness. You can also see them with Dead Walk The Earth, BlackHeart Ace and Last Nail Driven on December 16th in Newark.
After the jump, catch footage of Threat Signal performing with ‘Speed’ Strid!
– CG

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