I will keep this short and sweet seeing as how there is very little known about this band, but rest assured I see that changing very fast. Hailing from Tampa, FL and playing a mesh of technical death/deathcore and progressive metal, Øscillatör, while relatively unknown, are fast on their way to gaining more notice when they release their debut EP, Experiment XIII. Drawing similarities to bands like The Contortionist and The Faceless, while adding their own unique quirks, it’s safe to say people will be welcoming this band with open arms. As for the band itself, it’s a two-man team consisting of Brett Ruch (song composition, guitars, bass) and John Galloway (vocals, programming and audio engineering). No word yet on a release date, but it’s been confirmed by the band that their EP will be absolutely free! In the meantime, focus your eyes and ears to the video below and listen to their single, “Planetary Devastation”.

Øscillatör – “Planetary Devastation”



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