If the supposedly prophetic Mayan calendar is to be believed, 2012 is to be our last year as a race. For whatever reason – either the world will spontaneously blow up, the dead will rise from their graves, or some other ridiculous apocalyptic trope – we won’t be around to see 2013, which means we’ll never see Mikael Åkerfeldt go back to death metal vocals,

Nayon sung the praises of these guys yesterday, and with their new album The Harvest Wombs on the horizon, Fallujah will be kicking 2012 off in style, heading out smack bang in the middle of the Christmas/New Year period with Aegaeon, all the way up towards the end of January – see the poster above for dates!

Keep your eyes on Unique Leader Records on November 21st for their new effort; I’m pretty sure we’ll have a review for you.

– CG

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