First Live Footage of Behemoth Post-Leukemia

It’s fantastic news that Adam Darski – AKA Nergal – has won his battle against leukemia and is back on track with Behemoth, and they played their first live shows in quite a while this month. They were in their home country of Poland, where they have a huge audience, which must feel amazing for Nergal.

The shows so far have included pyrotechnics, which makes it even more insane. Nergal looks pretty weird without hair, but the man deserves credit for his sheer enthusiasm. Below are some videos from a show last week, and while they’re not pro-shot quality, they’re still decent enough to show that Behemoth are in better shape than ever. As a huge Behemoth fan, I’m very excited about this.

There are some more videos on the channel of the guy who has uploaded these, including some after the jump. As you can see, all is well again in the land of Behemoth. Nergal has been talking about a 2012 USA tour, so stay tuned for more news about that.

– NT


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