We’ve had a glut of Blotted Science-related news lately, which is absolutely fantastic really because we’re big fans round here, and it gives us excuses to write about them. Splendid!

It was announced on Friday that they have signed to Basick Records for a European release of their new EP The Animation Of Entomology (which I reviewed on Friday), and they released a video for their track “Crutaceous Chasm, which I’ve mentioned a couple of times has creeped the ever-living bajeezus out of me – but that’s more Peter Jackson’s fault, as it’s scored to a section of King Kong where the characters fall into a pit of giant bugs.

Anyway, to compound the situation the band have released a new synched video for another track: “Vermicular Asphyxiation“. This time it’s set to that famous bit from Slither with the naked lady in the tub; lots of penis-shaped wriggly monsters and subsequent subtext up in dis.


There must be videos forthcoming for the other two tracks I’m sure, and despite being absolutely horrible to watch (and replay in your mind forever more when you hear the music), it’s a great idea. I hadn’t given the EP name’s much thought before, but a quick look-see on that thur Wiki-peedia tells me that Entomology is the study of bugs, and with the remaining two titles being “Ingesting Blattaria” (blattaria being the family to which cockroaches belong) and “A Sting Operation” (wasps? Can’t wait…), I’m sure we can expect some truly disgusting visuals to accompany what’s left.

The Animation Of Entomology is out now in the U.S. on EcleticElectric, and will be out in Europe on November 28th via Basick Records.

– CG


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