I can say with some certainty that us metalheads are passionate about music. This is not limited to metal of course, but I’ve always felt that the variety and expertise shown by the genre as a whole attracts music lovers where other genres focus on beat or lone singers taking the spotlight.

As such, it follows that most of will have tried at some point to lure somebody else into the fold. I’ll take the example of my own induction:

When I was about sixteen I listened to very tame stuff. I was quite into a bunch of indie stuff; Snow Patrol, Bloc Party – that kind of noise. It was a recently acquired friend (I collect them like da Pokeemans) who introduced me to my first metal album; Panopticon by Isis. Those of you who’ve listened to it will know that, whilst it contains heavy guitars and throaty yelling, it’s by no means extreme. Essentially I was brought in slowly, from Isis to Glassjaw to Opeth and ultimately Converge and beyond. I still don’t listen to a whole bunch of extreme stuff though, and maybe my taste in smooth progressive metal and post-hardcore reflects this introduction.

Since then I’ve tried a similar tack with others, with varying degrees of success. My girlfriend will tolerate metal, and like the music, but not the vocals, and will only go as far as maybe Deftones or These Arms Are Snakes if she’s in the right mood. When I left school a girl in my class said I always had good taste in the music I played in the common room, but I never really actively exposed her to it. Various friends enjoy certain stuff, but I think my conversion is rare amongst people I know.

So how about you guys? What methods have you employed to convert the needy; the metallically-deprived? Do you start soft and work your way up, or drop them in at the deep end? Do you even bother; are your friends all stupid jerks? What have your experiences of being converted been like?

Sound off below and let us know.

– CG


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