I don’t know how I got to this video on my daily trawls of metal news/Twitter/Neopets but I somehow happened upon it. So general metal populace, I ask you, how is this not a big deal!? Kvelertak produced one of the best debut albums of the last decade with their self-titled last year and no one thought to alert me the moment there was new material? Despicable!

Naturally, it sounds great, recorded at a secret show in Brooklyn just after the ridiculously stocked Metalsucks/Metal Injection CMJ Showcase. From what I can gather, it sounds much like the half way point between the fun party rock of “Mjöd” and  Satyricon with a ‘few beers’ feel of “Fossegrim“, which is absolutely perfect as I loved both of those tracks. There aren’t many bands who can get me excited about new material from just a fairly low quality live version of a new song but I’m more than welcoming to the prospect of getting a new Kvelertak record as soon as possible!

– DL


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