That’s news, right?

As Metal Injection shrewdly pointed out, it feels like about 10,000 days since Tool released 10,000 Days, their last album, but it was only 2006. I say only; that’s a mental amount of time for a still active band, but they’re not the only ones I suppose.

Speaking with Pulse of Radio, Maynard said:

“I’m allowing them their space to do what they do, so we’re still in that mode. Even if they told me how close they are to being done, I couldn’t tell you because if I say 60 percent, people will start counting down. When it’s done, everyone will know. But I haven’t done anything yet. They write forever and then we go in and knock it all out. We’re writing. We’re writing vocals. But nothing’s solid. With Puscifer, there’s ideas and then we’ll record stuff … but with Tool, we practice jams, but there’s no actual recording going on until it’s time to record.”

Sooooo…we’re not gonna see anything for a while, basically. When have they not taken their sweet time though? And when you’ve got horde of dedicated fans ready to throw money right at their faces, I’d say it’s not a problem until the wine-making business is in trouble.

More updates when we gte them, but it’ll probably be this time enxt year if you’re lucky.

– CG


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