Leprous – whom some of you might recall also act as Ihsahn‘s band – have dived headfirst into what I can only describe as Lynchian territory for the new video for “Restless“.

Jokes aside, it’s beautifully produced, and representational imagery or not, it’s certainly an interesting video. I’m not sure I will ever look at dryer lint the same way again. Primary vocalist Einar Solberg reminds me of a mix of Matt Bellamy and someone I can’t pin down in my head right now – but if any of you catch it let me know – and the music is absolutely stunning.

As it happens, Leprous have an impeccable pedigree – they’ve actually been around for about ten years now, and it shows. Unsurprisingly they’re also from the same Norwegian town as the aforementioned Ihsahn, and by extension Emperor and Peccatum, which all technically include the same person, but have varying members thereof so I feel fine listing them as such.


The band released their album Bilateral a couple of months ago, which included guest vocals from the king of Norwegian black metal himself, and although I haven’t heard it yet, I’m told it’s a pretty good spin. This has certainly encouraged me to check it out, and I hope it has you too.

– CG

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