Because their album is called The Apologist, right? No? Fuck you.

Well, as Alkahest reported on Wednesday, East Of The Wall‘s new effort is really good, in a complex, not-really-sure-why-but-what-the-hell sort of way. BrooklynVegan have the stream, so get over there for starters. It’s out Tuesday 25th October through Translation Loss Records.

Junius kind of took everyone by surprise, but it seems Ghost having to drop off the Enslaved 20 Years Of No Compromises Tour was the best thing that could have happened for the Bostonian four-piece. Taken the Swedes’ place has taken them from being generally ignored to keenly watched, and you can find out why for yourself with AbsolutePunk’s stream of their new album Reports From The Threshold Of Death, which is also out on Tuesday through Prosthetic Records.

That’s a nice end to the week for album streams; make sure you get on both this weekend.

– CG



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