So we’ve reached that magical time a year where the release calender starts to look barer and barer week by week as everyone in metal and hardcore begins to wind down and turn in their blastbeats and breakdowns for gift giving and hot cocoa by the fire. But for someone like me who managed to miss a fair few releases over the year it’s a good chance to catch up on records that I either wanted to check out or even ones that I’ve heard good things about.

Cannabis Corpse‘s Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise is definitely one of the former. I enjoyed previous EP The Weeding but not as much as the last full length Tube Of The Resinated (seriously check out ‘Mummified In Bongwater‘ if you haven’t already, it’s old school death metal of the highest caliber with some great lyrics to match) so I have no idea why I never got round to it. Either way, the above video for ‘Gateways To Inhalation‘ is my first taste of their new material and, while the video is fairly straight-forward, it definitely sounds promising. The old-school vibe is still there but everything sounds a little more polished and refined than on the previous full lengths – which I’m fine with. Let’s be honest, it’s not like they were ever going to do a full Morbid Angel-left turn on us but it’s good to hear a continuation of the sound of The Weeding.

– DL


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