Although not strictly speaking ‘heavy’ any more at this point, Trophy Scars hold soemthing of a special place in my heart. Their older post-hardcore stylings have been replaced with some distinctly Tom Waits-esque warbling blues, and we haven’t done an unmetal recommendation in a while. Long story short: perfect opportunity, as the band have just released the following video:


Messengers” is taken from this year’s self-released EP Never Born, Never Dead, which is a tasty bit of kit. Frontman Jerry Jones is one of my favourite ‘alternative’ singers (shrewd observers will have spotted him performing a guest spot on Intensus‘s self-titled record which Jimmy reviewed earlier this year); he fits this new style perfectly, and they have a habit of telling some sort of story along the way.

If you’re of a mind, take a listen to a few tracks from their seminal Hospital Music for the Aesthetics of Language EP – which I still play with some regularity – after the jump.

– CG




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