Our favourite Australian madmen Circles (equal to The Matador, naturally)  have been busy over the past few months. Not content with releasing the simply stunning debut EP The Compass, they’ve been hard at the grindstone playing shows and, as it would appear, filming a new video for the first official single from said record: “Eye Embedded“.

Although it’s not actually out until November 14th (through Basick Records, naturally), they recruited one of those behind-the-scenes elves to capture the making of upside-down magic, which was directed by Circles’ drummer Dave Hunter.


“Shooting our first offical video was something we’ve always looked forward to doing. Once it was all over, we were completely drained. It’s like playing a show for 10 hours straight, except your set list only consists of one song. Overall it was a great experience. So far, the response to The Compass has been quite overwhelming. Hopefully we can push it further with this video.”

The single will be out in about a month as mentioned, and the new artwork and extended tracklisting (like you’d only get the song itself!) after the jump!

– CG

01. Eye Embedded
02. Eye Embedded (Big-F remix)
03. Silence (Prelude demo)
04. Beautiful Fascination (Prelude demo)
05. The Design (Instrumental)

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