Before I start I wanted to take a moment to formally introduce myself. I am Tentaclesworth, a Canadian metal hipster who likes all kinds of music. We can be buds if you don’t like Cannibal Corpse. I look forward to writing for you guys.

So I have this running list of things I want to see certain bands and musicians do. I try and think of all the unconventional collaborations, songs stylings and covers that would be really interesting (or at least interesting to me.), and I’m interested to hear if anyone has anything to add?

I mean, the possibilities are endless. I have always wanted to see a cover of  Led Zeppelin‘s “Black Dog” by Jack White. I think Jack White would kill that song, and although this subject is about subjective as it gets, you can really dabble in this kind of thinking and perhaps it will lead you to something quite like what you had in mind.

For example, I was playing bass one day and I had it all cool sounding and distorted. I then realized how capable the bass was at making catchy melodies and sounding very awesome with distortion. I wanted to hear bass as a lead instrument. After some research I discovered a two-piece dance/punk outfit called Death From Above 1979. They have a bassist/ keyboard player and a drummer/vocalist. Safe to say, I was quite satisfied. It was exactly what I was looking for.


I was also thinking of shoe-gaze and black metal, and was wondering if any other genres had a fitting counterpart. I came to the conclusion that grindcore and psychedelic noise are the same kind of yin and yang. I have yet to find my Jimi Hendrix crossed with Gridlink, but I think the concept could yield great success. So I wanted to ask you guys; what about you? Any crazy collaborations or covers you want to hear? Drop em’ into the comments section!

Other stuff on my wishlist includes:

  • Industrial passages in a Between the Buried and Me song.
  • iwrestledabearonce actually going full black metal.
  • A smooth jazz interpretation of Protest the Hero‘s Fortress.
  • Chris Letchford collaborating with Periphery in some way.
  • Lastly, Speak of the Devil covering some Coldplay. Preferably “Yellow“.

– CD

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