This past weekend we got an audio-visual retreat when the video that UK metal outfit Monuments filmed for the track “Memoirs” waaaay back at the beginning of the year whilst on tour with Periphery and The Safety Fire unofficially found its way on to our humble net of inters. A few scant photos were released at the time, but we saw nothing of it, and in the intervening time they lost both vocalists Neema Askari and Greg Pope.

On the back of this, the band have promised to release a brand new video once their Facebook page gets to 15,000 ‘likes’. They were on 13,868 at the last count, so there’s a little way to go – so if you want a slice of that get onto your friends; hack your nan’s account; make one for your cat; whatever.

Meanwhile, the band are deep in preparation for this year’s Euroblast Festival in Cologne, Germany, which is this coming weekend and also features the like of Textures, Mnemic, TesseracT and Chimp Spanner. They’ll be playing the entirety of their upcoming album instrumentally, given the current lack of any replacement singer/s. I for one with them good luck with that, as I really want to hear the album. Rumour is their Euroblast set might be recorded though…

Make of that what you will, and get down there if you can…

– CG

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