Seriously, it was such a great year in music so far that some stuff can easily slip under the radar. This list is by no means all-inclusive; just some highlights that the HBIH staff enjoyed from the year up to this point

In alphabetical order, every album we could think of that is absolutely worth hearing. If you care enough to check back, we’ll be sure to update this list as it grows. Do you think we missed something? Let us know!


Aliases – Safer than Reality
[Progressive/Technical Metalcore]
All Shall Perish – This Is Where It Ends [Deathcore]
Ampere – Like Shadows [Screamo/Hardcore]
Anaal Nathrakh – Passion [Grindcore/Black Metal]
Animals as Leaders – Weightless [Prog]
Arsonists Get All The Girls – Motherland [Progressive Deathcore]
The Atlas Moth – An Ache For Distance [Sludge/Post-Metal]

Becoming the Archetype – Celestial Completion
[Progressive Death Metal/Metalcore]
Betraying the Martyrs – Breathe In Life [Progressive Deathcore]
Between the Buried and Me – The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues [Progressive Metal]
Beyond Creation – The Aura [Progressive/Technical Death Metal]
The Black Dahlia Murder – Ritual [Melodic Death Metal]
Born of OsirisThe Discovery [Progressive Deathcore]
Burzum – Fallen [Black Metal]

Cave In – White Silence [Hardcore]
Chimaira – The Age Of Hell [Metalcore]
Circles – The Compass [Djent/Prog]
Corelia – Nostalgia [Djent/Prog]
Cynic – Carbon-Based Anatomy [Prog]

Dead in the Dirt – Fear [Grindcore]
Deafheaven – Roads to Judah
[Post-Black Metal]
Decapitated – Carnival is Forever [Death Metal]
Devin Townsend Project – Deconstruction [Progressive Metal]
Devin Townsend Project – Ghost [Ambient]

East of the Wall – The Apologist [Progressive Metal]
Engineer – Crooked Voices [Sludge/Hardcore]
Evan Brewer – Alone [Slappin’ da bayse]

Fair To Midland – Arrows and Anchors
[Alt/Progressive Rock]
Fleshgod Apocalypse – Agony [Symphonic Death Metal]

Glassjaw – The Coloring Book [Post-Hardcore]
Glassjaw – Our Color Green [Post-Hardcore]
Gridlink – Orphan [Grindcore]

Heretoir – Heretoir [Post-Black Metal]
The Human Abstract – Digital Veil
[Progressive Metal/Metalcore]

Insomnium – One For Sorrow [Melodic Death Metal]
Intensus – Intensus
iwrestledabearonce – Ruining It For Everybody [Experimental/Deathcore]

KEN mode – Venerable
[Noise Rock/Hardcore]

Last Chance To Reason – Level 2
[Progressive Metal]
Leprous – Bilateral [Prog]
Letlive. – Fake History [Post-Hardcore]

Machine Head – Unto the Locust [Metal]
Mastodon – The Hunter [Progressive Metal]
The Matador – Descent Into The Maelstrom [Post-Metal]
Meek is Murder – Algorithms [Mathcore]

Oathbreaker – Maelstrom [Hardcore]
Obscura – Omnivium [Progressive/Technical Death Metal]
The Odious – That Night A Forest Grew [Prog]
Oh, Sleeper – Children of Fire [Metalcore]
Omnium Gatherum – New World Shadows [Melodic Death Metal]
Opeth – Heritage [Progressive Rock]

Primus – Green Naugahyde [Alt Rock/Experimental]
Protest the Hero – Scurrilous [Progressive Metal]

Returning We Hear The Larks – Proud England [Djent/Prog]
Revocation – Chaos of Forms [Thrash]
Ringworm – Scars [Hardcore/Metalcore]
Rotten Sound – Cursed [Grindcore]
Rwake – Rest [Doom/Sludge]

Samael – Lux Mundi [Industrial Black Metal]
Scale The Summit – The Collective [Instrumental Progressive Rock/Metal]
Septicflesh – The Great Mass [Symphonic Death Metal]
*Shels – Plains of the Purple Buffalo [Post-Rock/Metal]
Skeletonwitch – Forever Abomination [Thrash/Black Metal]
Smohalla – Resilience [Avant Garde/Black Metal]
Substructure – Monolith [Progressive Deathcore]
Spaces – Nothing Exists but Atoms and the Void [Post-Rock]
Sylosis – Edge of the Earth [Thrash/Death Metal]

Telepathy – Fracture [Post-Metal]
TesseracT – One [Djent/Prog]
Textures – Dualism [Progressive Metal]
Thomas Giles – Pulse [Electronic]
Today Is The Day – Pain Is A Warning [Experimental]
Tombs – Path of Totality [Post-Metal/Black Metal]
Touché Amoré – Parting the Sea Between Brightness & Me [Screamo]
Trap Them – Darker Handcraft [Hardcore]
Tre Watson – Gravestones [Progressive Rock/Metal]
Trivium – In Waves [Metalcore]

Ulcerate – The Destroyers of All [Death Metal]
Uneven Structure – Februus [Djent/Prog]
Unexpect – Fables Of The Sleepless Empire [Avant Garde]
Unkind – Harhakuvat [Crust/Hardcore]

Vader – Welcome to the Morbid Reich [Death Metal]
Volumes – Via [Metalcore]

Weekend Nachos – Worthless [Hardcore/Powerviolence]
White Arms of Athena – Astrodrama [Progressive Metal]
With Words – Cagebound [Hardcore]
Wolves in the Throne Room – Celestial Lineage [Black Metal]
Wormrot – Dirge [Grindcore]


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