Although not technically label-mates, Chicago-based post-metal outfit Pelican share their Hydra Head Records home with Godflesh main-man Justin K, Broadrick for his solo work and side-projects, and indeed have collaborated with him a number of times, including on this remix for Pelican’s March Into The Sea EP:


The point of this little history lesson is to inform you that, as The PRP reports, both outfits are somewhere along the road towards putting out new releases.

Speaking with Decibel, Brit Broadrick (that has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?) confirmed that, whilst busy, writing is occuring – slowly – and we could see something from the godfathers of industrial and post-metal within the next twelve months.

“I guess because I’ve had my son, it’s slowed things down a bit for us. I mean, Ben Green got married last year and he still holds a very good job, so he’s very busy, we’re both very busy but we have a lot of ideas.

Also, there’s no way we’d approach a new record just to milk the new-found popularity of Godflesh. I mean, it could take another year before we release something, and even the intitial impact of the reformation could have subsided by then, but that’s kind of meaningless, really, it’s just making another really good, cold and bleak record.”

Pelican, meanwhile, are already in the studio with former ISIS drummer Aaron Harris, tracking the beats for an as-yet untitled release, who was speaking via his blog. No other news on that, but colour me excited.

Good times, yo!

– CG


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