Sure, we all hate Mondays. Monday for me entails work all day and going to the one evening class I have per week and not getting home til 9. First world problems, eh? It just drags, is all. Good news is though, the rest of the week is all downhill, especially with fall break later this week. Huzzah!

Getting to the point, Animals as Leaders debuting new music today brightened up my day just a bit, and hopefully it does yours too. “Odessa” is the second track from their upcoming sophomore album Weightless, and you can currently stream it over at Alt Press! It’s a bit different for AAL, but certainly interesting nonetheless! This album is showing so much promise, and I can’t wait to hear more of it!

Weightless is due out November 8th on Prosthetic Records. Catch AAL on tour with Between the Buried and Me and Tesseract starting this month in North America.

– JR


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