Our tour-long interview with the great prog progenitors Textures has come to an end. Periphery‘s Frak The Gods tour featuring The Human Abstract, Textures, and The Contortionist ends this weekend, October 8th, in Richmond, VA. Check out our fourth and final interview with Textures below:


Tour’s just about over! How did this tour treat you compared to your expectations?

Zzzz, we’re still sleeping…zzz..eeh expectations. Wake up guys! It’s HeavyBlog.

Hey, here we are! Well, what we didn’t expect was that we would lose weight and would get so little sleep. Personally I’ve never experienced so many days with 4 hours of sleep, no breakfast and a crappy dinner. Actually we thought we would gain weight because of all the fastfood stores over here. Instead of USA our girlfriends probably think we did a hiking trail for weeks haha.

What is your best tour experience of all time?

India, by far. The reception for Textures was great the first and second time. Thousands of fans both times in Delhi and Bangalore. The weather was awesome, the gig was awesome, the culture was awesome and after the gigs we went to a beach resort in the province Goa which was great. For us personally it was a big experience and for Textures as a band it was phenomenal.

What is your worst tour experience of all time?

This year we had a fly in for Spain. So with the whole crew we went over, the runner took us to the festival and there we were. The festival was quite well arranged, the only thing was that they had no roof above the stage. So, you already know what happened, right? It started raining, a lamp exploded and the local government cancelled the whole thing. We were stuck in this little village in Spain, it rained all weekend long and we were cranky as hell. In our own country Holland (where it always rains) it was a pretty good summer weekend though hahaha. Now we can laugh about it

Any interesting or amusing stories from the tour? Made any new friends/enemies?

The guys of The Contortionist became very good friends on this tour. Check out their album Exoplanet by the way. It rocks !!

Sleeping arrangements seem very difficult on tour. Tell us about that.

Well, we have two guys that have to sleep in the bus and take a look at our gear every night. The other 4 guys stay in a hotel. Most of the time we have Motel 6, Knights Inn or Days Inn. Pretty good and cheap hotels compared to the European cheap hotels. I guess it’s because American people are used to longer drives, so there’s is a bigger need for hotels and motels. That’s why the quality is better.

What are your plans after this tour is done?

First of all we will do some release/headliner shows in Holland, Paris and Germany. Our new album Dualism was released during the tour in USA, so it’s about time to say hello to our own continent. After that we go to UK for 1,5 weeks and probably we will hit India, Europe and USA after that for another tour.

When can we expect you gentlemen back in North America?

We really don’t know. We are busy already setting up a good package, but it depends on the period of touring and the money that we have. After Europe—we definitely want to go to Europe first.
Are you glad you don’t have to answer any more of our questions?

Fuck yeah hahaha. We did loads of email interviews on this tour, so for now I want to say goodbye to the our-long typing about Textures gheghe. See you later guys !


Textures’ amazing new album Dualism is out now om Nuclear Blast. Check out our review here and keep up with Textures on Facebook!

– JR


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